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Changing Your Garage Door Code in 4 Simple Steps

Your garage is not just a parking spot; it’s a safeguard for your vehicle and possessions. With modern automatic garage doors, convenience comes with a potential security risk if you haven’t changed your access code in a while. Regularly updating your garage door code is a smart security practice. Here’s a guide on how to change it:

Garage Door Code

Step 1: Locate the Door's Motor

Position a ladder under your garage door, allowing you to reach the motor. The motor is typically situated on one side of the doorway.

Step 2: Reset the Motor

Once at the motor, find the ‘Reset’ button on the control panel and press it until the adjacent light goes out. This action erases the door’s memory, including the old code. Release the button once the light extinguishes.

Step 3: Input the New Code

To reset the motor code:

  1. Press and hold the “Reset” button.
  2. Release the button when the light turns on.
  3. Enter your new code on the keypad.
  4. The light will start blinking.
  5. Keep holding the “Reset” button until the light stops blinking and turns off.

Your new motor code has now been set.

Step 4: Reprogram the Remote

Once you’ve powered down the motor, step back from the door. Grab your remote and press its button, maintaining the pressure until you observe the motor’s light blinking once more. This signals the successful integration of the new code into your remote.

If you have multiple garage door remotes, ensure to reprogram each one separately to synchronize them with the updated code.

Changing the Code for a Garage Door Without a Keypad

If your garage door doesn’t feature a keypad, follow these steps:

  1. Begin by taking off the remote’s control cover manually or with a screwdriver, gently prying it open where it meets the remote.
  2. Inspect the switches located beneath the cover, comparing their positions with the current code to guide you in configuring them for the new code.
  3. Swiftly reset the switches to the new code; this process is efficient.
  4. For safe access to the motor, use a ladder and remove the motor’s cover in a manner similar to how you did with the remote. Inside, you’ll find an array of switches.
  5. Exercise caution while adjusting the switches to align with the configuration you established on the remote, ensuring precision.

Syncing the garage door motor and remote with the new code will provide you with secure access to your garage.

When it comes to maintaining the security and functionality of your garage door, Integrity Garage Door Repair in Highland Springs, VA, is your trusted partner. Our team of experts understands the importance of regularly updating your garage door access code to ensure the safety of your vehicle and belongings. With our professional services, you can count on hassle-free code changes and seamless integration with your garage door opener. 

Whether you have a keypad or remote-controlled garage door, we have the knowledge and experience to assist you in maintaining the highest level of security. Contact Integrity Garage Door Repair today for all your garage door needs in Highland Springs, and let us keep your garage secure and accessible.


It’s advisable to change your garage door code periodically, such as every few months, to enhance security.

Yes, you can reset your code without a ladder or specialized tools, but a ladder may be needed to reach the motor in some cases.